Unlocking the Power of the Mind: My Journey to Success


How many of us have experienced the uncanny feeling of being watched, only to turn around and confirm that someone was indeed looking at us? Or the moments when we think of someone and they suddenly call or message us? These inexplicable phenomena have no scientific evidence, yet we encounter them in our daily lives. It is a testament to the vast potential of the human mind, which goes beyond our imagination. In this blog, I will share my personal journey and how I harnessed the power of my mind to achieve my dreams.

Discovering My Passion

Growing up in New Delhi, I faced intense bullying, leaving me feeling isolated and lonely. To cope with my emotions, I turned to dancing. Through dance, I felt connected to the universe, realizing the power of my emotions. However, when I changed schools, I found myself without a dance club. Determined to pursue my passion, I approached the school principal and started a dance club. To my surprise, the club quickly gained popularity, and I became a symbol of inspiration for many students.

Overcoming Bullying

Despite the success of the dance club, I still faced bullying from my own classmates. However, I refused to let their negativity define me. Inspired by my own experiences, I wrote and directed a play called “Alisa Free,” which portrayed the journey of a blind ballerina who finds solace in dance. This play aimed to raise awareness about the challenges faced by visually impaired individuals. Through this powerful performance, I was able to reach a wider audience and spread my message of empathy and resilience.

Pursuing Higher Education

As I approached the time for college applications, I was told that my SAT score was not high enough to secure admission to my dream university. However, I refused to be discouraged and applied to the University of Southern California (USC) anyway. Against all odds, I was accepted, becoming the only Indian student in the School of Dramatic Arts. The trauma from my past experiences fueled my interest in comedy, leading me to start the USC stand-up comedy club.

Comedy as a Healing Tool

In 2017, the USC stand-up comedy club became a catalyst for a new revolution, allowing individuals to channel their pain through humor. Inspired by Aristotle’s belief that comedy is equal to tragedy plus time, I performed stand-up comedy all over Los Angeles, using laughter as a means to heal and connect with others. Through my comedy performances, I caught the attention of influential figures in the theater industry, which eventually led to my role in the play “Infidel” and, later, the movie “Bully High” directed by Bill McAdams Jr.

The Power of Visualization and Manifestation

During my journey, I encountered successful individuals who emphasized the importance of visualization and manifestation. They believed that if you can see something, you can achieve it. And there is indeed truth to this concept. The frequency of the Earth is 7.8 Hz, which aligns with the micro motion of our bodies. When we raise our consciousness and vibrate at a higher frequency, we become more in sync with the universe. This realization motivated me to tap into the power of my mind and harness it to send messages to the universe.

Destiny and Hard Work

My journey has been a combination of destiny and hard work. Destiny, for me, is the faith and communication I have with the atoms around me. It is the belief that I am connected to a greater energy. However, destiny alone is not enough. Hard work is the catalyst that propels us towards our goals. The harmonious blend of destiny and hard work has been the driving force behind my achievements and has brought me here today, sharing my story with all of you.

A New Revolution: Films for Education and Empowerment

Now, I am embarking on a new journey to start a revolution in India. I believe that films have the power to educate and empower individuals. Through storytelling, we can inspire change and ignite the power within each of us. My mission is to use films as a medium to empower and educate, proving that the power to achieve greatness lies within us all.


My journey from New Delhi to Hollywood has been a testament to the extraordinary capabilities of the human mind. By unlocking the power of our minds, we can overcome obstacles, manifest our dreams, and inspire others along the way. Remember, no one can stop you from thinking positively and sending out messages to the universe. The power is within you. Believe in yourself, visualize your dreams, and take action to make them a reality. Embrace your full potential and embark on your own journey of self-discovery and success.